Entrepreneurship announcement

Entrepreneurship announcement

Alumnus Andrew MacIver stands, arms crossed, wearing a Ride Tim polo.

Andrew MacIver

Co-owner, Ride Time/star of BNN’s Bargain Brothers


Automotive Business (formerly Business Administration - Automotive Marketing)



I always understood the education would help me, but what I wasn’t told or didn’t understand, was that it’s the people you meet at school and alumni already in the business that would also be a huge asset. Read more...

The Georgian Prison Experiment

The Georgian College prison “experiment”

In a society where systems of total control represent a reality experienced by millions, questions concerning the management and practice of total institutions and those who live inside the walls capture our attention. Read more...

Accelerate your learning

With more than 125 career-focused programs across seven locations in Central Ontario – Barrie, Midland, Muskoka (Bracebridge), Orangeville, Orillia, Owen Sound and South Georgian Bay (Collingwood) – Georgian has 11,000 full-time students and 28,000 Continuing Education registrations annually and is home to the one-of-a-kind University Partnership Centre.

Accelerate your career

Last year, 86.9 per cent of Georgian grads found work within six months of graduating – well above the provincial average. Georgian has also been named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers seven times and one of Canada’s Greenest Employers five years in a row.

Accelerate your future

Georgian’s leadership in co-op, student work experience and entrepreneurship education delivers powerful ways to accelerate your success.

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