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Collaborative/Team Learning

Collaborative or cooperative learning are two of many terms that refer to the process of students working together to achieve a particular learning goal. It encompasses a variety of learning activities that require students to work in pairs or small groups. This type of learning activity can only be successful if teachers take time for the following:

    * Designing a relevant and meaningful task that requires authentic collaboration
    * Articulating clear and meaningful learning objectives that are linked to course outcomes
    * Planning for individual as well as group accountability
    * Providing clear process instructions, and criteria for evaluating progress



Collaborative Learning (Developed by Bob Marchessault)

Team Learning Booklet (Developed by Beccy Rodgers and Annique Boelryk)

Blogs, Wikis and Avalanches (slide presentation by Bob Marchessault)

Wiki based group work (PowerPoint slides in PDF format, Bob Marchessault, 2008)

Wiki Assignment Grading Rubric (modifiable rubric in Word format, 2008, B. Marchessault)




Facilitating Learning in Small Groups (Vol. 1, No. 3)



1.4 Collaborating Online for Scientific Reporting: Trudy Bergere (Volume 1 No. 4)


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Doing Collaborative Learning
Retrieved October 4, 2006 from
This site, put together by the National Institute for Science Education, provides stories of how post-secondary teachers in a variety of disciplines are using collaborative learning strategies and offers lots of techniques (Doing CL) that can be easily implemented.

Active and Cooperative Learning: Best Practices in Engineering Education
Retrieved October 4, 2006 from
This site offers lots of resources for preparing, planning, implementing, and assessing cooperative learning activities. Although the examples are from engineering, most of the activities are presented independent of content and can be used across disciplines.

Active and Cooperative Learning
Retrieved October 4, 2006 from
This site has links to several papers written by Richard Felder, a college leader in cooperative learning

Active Learning for the College Classroom
Retrieved October 4, 2006 from
This site offers a wide variety of active learning strategies and includes a section on cooperative learning strategies.

Teampedia – Collaborative Tools for Teams:
Retrieved September 23, 2010 from:
This site – Teampedia, offers Tools for Teams including a free collaborative encyclopedia of team building activities, icebreakers, team work resources and editable team tools.