Exciting new parking improvements coming to the Barrie Campus

The Parking Office is working on initiatives to improve your parking experience at the Barrie Campus – starting with your new parking portal. Everyone should visit the new portal and ensure their licence plate number and personal account information is up to date. Additional parking improvements will be introduced this fall and it will be very important that your information is accurate and up to date in the system.

Visitors to the Barrie Campus now have the option of purchasing parking in the metered lots with coins or through Honk Mobile. Read our FAQs for more information on Honk.

More information about future parking improvements will be available in Staff News and on the student portal in the weeks to come.

Georgian College uses automated parking systems at Barrie, Orillia, Owen Sound, Midland and South Georgian Bay campuses – there are no parking systems at the Orangeville or Muskoka campuses.

  • parking gates are activated by a parking card, set coin fee or tokens upon exit
  • parking on campus is on a first-come first-served basis in all parking areas
  • metered and/or reserved lots are for use by visitors conducting day-to-day business at the college

Purchasing and using your parking card


Students can purchase parking cards online, in person during registration week at designated Parking office areas, or after registration at their campus Parking office (see locations at the right of the page).

Students living in residence must purchase parking passes in person at a designated Parking office area or at their campus Parking office.

Parking cards can be purchased in annual, two-semester, one-semester or monthly terms. There are savings in purchasing longer term parking cards. All cards require a $10 deposit in addition to the fees listed below. This deposit is refundable upon return of the parking card – in good condition – within six months of expiration.

Parking cards starting with 045 can be renewed online with either VISA or MasterCard (sorry, no debit/credit). If you have a card starting with 035, drop by the Parking office to renew (locations listed to the right).

When entering the parking facilities, the parking gates lift automatically to allow access. When leaving the parking area, you must activate the gate by using your parking card, coins or tokens.

Parking fees

Coin fees are posted at the entrance and exit gates and are paid upon exiting campus parking areas. Current coin fees are listed below. This fee applies each time you exit the parking area. Correct change is required. Parking fees are subject to change without notice.

Daily parking rate
Nightly parking rate (after 7 p.m.)
Monthly parking rates (subject to change without notice)
Parking rates are for one calendar month, from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.
1 month @ $52.50 = $52.50
2 months @ $52.50 = $105.00
3 months @ $52.50 = $157.50
4 months @ $50.20 = 200.80
5 months @ $50.20 = $251.00
6 months @ $50.20 = $301.20
7 months @ $50.20 = $351.40
8 months @ $50.20 = $401.60
9 months @ $50.20 = $451.80
10 months @ $50.20 = $502.00
11 months @ $50.20 = $552.20
12 months @ $50.20 = $602.40
Metered parking
$4 per hour (maximum times vary by location)

Lost or stolen cards

If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the Parking office. The missing card will be cancelled, the old deposit forfeited and a new card issued. You will be required to pay an additional $10 deposit for the new card.

People with disabilities

Designated parking spots for persons with disabilities are located in parking areas within college grounds. Only vehicles displaying valid Ontario Ministry of Transportation disabled parking permits may park in these designated areas. Drivers of these vehicles are subject to the same rules and regulations and pay the same fees as all others parking on campus.

Individuals being dropped off or picked up and not using parking facilities are asked to make arrangements through their program office for exit at no cost to the drop-off or pick-up vehicle. College security and municipal bylaw officers will issue tickets and/or tow vehicles in cases of abuse of designated parking spaces on campus.

Parking violations

Parking lots at the college are private property. Parking a vehicle on campus constitutes an agreement on the part of the motorist to abide by the rules and regulations approved for the college community.

Violation notices are issued for a number of infractions that contravene these rules and regulations. Violation rates charged are comparable to municipal charges for similar offenses. All violations are issued in accordance with the Trespass to Property Act. Failure to honour accounts may result in loss of parking privileges, towing of vehicles, issuance of a trespass notice banning the offender’s vehicle from campus, or sealing of academic records or any combination thereof.

Learn more about parking violations and enforcement at Georgian.


All appeals are to be submitted online through the Parking Citation Appeal form.

Paying your fine

Fines must be paid within 14 days of ticket being issued. Failure to pay will result in academic records being sealed, parking privileges being revoked and vehicles being towed if found on campus. Prompt payment, within five days of the fine, may result in a 50 per cent reduction in the penalty.

Special circumstances

Requests for temporary permission to leave a vehicle in a parking lot overnight should be directed to campus security staff in advance. Arrangements made in this manner will avert expensive parking fines or towing charges.

Barrie Campus parking FAQs Manage account Buy or renew your parking card Pay for parking citations Appeal a parking citation

Georgian Parking offices

Barrie Campus

  • First floor, Room B119 (Founder’s building)
    One Georgian Dr., Barrie ON L4M 3X9
    705.728.1968, ext. 1230
    Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Orillia Campus

  • Welcome Centre, Orillia Campus
    825 Memorial Ave., Box 2316
    Orillia, ON L3V 6S2
    705.325.2740, ext. 3030

Owen Sound Campus

  • Registrar’s Office, Room 123, 1450 8th St. E.
    Owen Sound, ON N4K 5R4

Midland Campus

  • Main Office, 649 Prospect Blvd.
    Midland, ON L4R 4L3

South Georgian Bay

  • Main Office, 499 Raglan St.
    Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z1