Acute Complex Care for Internationally Educated Nurses Strengthen your theoretical and experiential knowledge. Work as part of a health care team. State-of-the-art simulation labs.

General information

Program code
2 Semesters (1 Year)
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Intake information

Start date Campus
Fall 2018 Orangeville, Barrie
Winter 2019 Barrie

Program description

This program is designed to assist Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) in developing themselves further as a nurse practicing in acute complex care and prepare them with the clinical skills to work in an acute complex care setting in Ontario. Emphasis is placed on the application and evaluation of advanced theories and practice in acute primary care, and guidance of others as part of the health care team. Students gain advanced theoretical and experiential knowledge in pharmacology, health assessment and emergency nursing through classroom instruction, simulation labs and practicum placements.

In order to provide quality practicum placements, students will be placed in a variety of agencies in the region serviced by the campus. Students are required to provide their own transportation.

Admission information

Admission requirements

- post-secondary degree in nursing from an accredited nursing education

  • current registration with the nursing regulatory body in their home province/state and or county; (i.e. letter, membership card, etc.); and
  • applicants must submit a current letter from an employer’s human resource department verifying employment as a nurse.


View the Acute Complex Care_Intl Ed Nrs articulations on the Credit Transfer Centre page.


Mandatory Courses

  • RNRS1026 Emergency Nursing 1
  • RNRS1027 Emergency Nursing 2
  • RNRS1028 Emergency Nursing 3
  • RNRS1067 Advanced Health Assessment
  • RNRS1068 Acute Complex Nursing Care in Canada
  • RNRS1069 Advanced Pharmacology
  • RNRS1071 Advanced Development of Self
  • RNRS1072 Nursing Examination Preparation

Communications Course

  • COMG1000 Communications for the Healthcare Professional

Clinical Practice

  • RNRS1070 Acute Complex Care Practice
  • RNRS1074 Advanced Clinical Practice