Massage Therapy Develop your clinical and professional skills in our state-of-the-art clinic. Jump-start your career with our fast-track option.

General information

Program code
6 Semesters (3 Years)
Ontario College Advanced Diploma

Intake information

Start date Campus
Fall 2018 Barrie
Winter 2019 Barrie

Program description

Through a blend of theoretical and hands on experiences, students gain the knowledge, skills, beliefs and values necessary to meet the Inter-Jurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators as set out by the Federation of Massage Therapy Regulatory Authorities of Canada. Students also participate in our public clinic and off site agencies, which allows students to assess and treat a diverse patient population. This program fosters the development of a well rounded, independent entrance level professional who will be able to meet the demands of a massage therapy practice.

Note: Applicants following the fast track will apply through OCAS using the major MASF. Winter intake is offered as fast track only; Fall intake regular and fast track.

Starting in September 2018, this program now requires proof of an additional Grade 11 or 12 C or U level science  – see program outline for more details.

Admission information

Admission requirements

OSSD or equivalent, with

  • Grade 12 English (C or U)
  • Grade 11 or 12 Biology (C or U), or Grade 12 Exercise Science (U)
  • One other Grade 11 or 12 Science (C or U)

Applicants must meet minimum averages to receive final acceptance.

First-year enrolment is limited, satisfying minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission.

Admission details

You must meet ONE of the following requirements to be eligible for admission to these programs:

Secondary school applicants:

  • OSS Curriculum: OSSD or equivalent with Grade 12 English C or U (ENG4C, ENG4U); plus Grade 11 C or U, or 12 U Biology (SBI3U/C, SBI4U) or Grade 12 U Exercise Science (PSE4U)/Grade 12 U Introductory Kinesiology (PSK4U); plus one additional Grade 11 or 12 C or U level science credit such as Grade 11 or 12 U Chemistry or Grade 12 C Chemistry (SCH3U, SCH4C, SCH4U) OR Grade 11 or 12 U Physics or Grade 12 C Physics (SPH3U, SPH4U, SPH4C).

Non-Secondary school applicants (19 years or older):

  • Any credit Communication course and most credit biology and one additional science (chemistry or physics) courses taken at Georgian College
  • College preparatory programs including those taken at Georgian College: Pre-health Sciences*
  • Equivalent courses in English, biology, and one additional science (chemistry or physics) taken through secondary school or Independent Learning Centres (at the general, advanced, college or university level)
  • Academic and Career Entrance Certificate (ACE) program with communications and biology and one additional science (chemistry or physics).
  • Mature student testing in English and testing/challenge exam in biology and one additional science (chemistry or physics) that meets the minimum standards for admission (available through most testing services)*
  • Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate (GED) plus biology and one additional science (chemistry or physics).
  • English, Literature or Communication credit courses and most biology and one additional science (chemistry or physics) credit courses from accredited colleges/universities
  • If home schooled, applicants can write the mature student testing in English and testing/challenge exam in biology and one additional science (chemistry or physics) that meets the minimum standards for admission (available through testing services)* * available from Georgian College. For a complete listing please contact the Office of the Registrar.


Applicants must have an up-to-date immunization record in compliance with the Public Hospitals Act. Completion and submission of this record is required during registration in order to ensure your placement in clinical and field placement facilities. Students who do not provide this proof of Registration Requirement may be unable to complete clinical and field placements.

A Hepatitis B vaccination is required for your own safety.

To be eligible for all practicum placements, students must have:

  • Level HCP CPR and Standard First Aid on admission to the program. Level HCP CPR must be renewed annually while in the program
  • A completed Clinical Preparedness Permit
  • A current police record check including a vulnerable sector screen (see Criminal Reference Check below)
  • A record of mask fit test, renewed every two years (will be done at the college in Semester One)

Proof of two (1 hour) massage therapy treatments by 2 separate RMTs is recommended and must be presented prior to Clinical placement.

Placement agencies require an up-to-date clear criminal reference check and vulnerable sector check prior to going out on placement. Students should obtain their criminal reference three months prior to placement; checks conducted earlier may not be considered current. As some jurisdictions require longer lead-time for processing, please check with the program coordinator to ensure you allow for sufficient turn-around time. It is the students responsibility to provide the completed document prior to placement start.

NOTE: Individuals who have been charged or convicted criminally and not pardoned will be prohibited from proceeding to a clinical or work placement.


View the Massage Therapy articulations on the Credit Transfer Centre page.


Mandatory Courses

  • BIOL2002 Pathology 3
  • BIOL3001 Neuroanatomy
  • MASG2005 Clinical Practice 1
  • MASG2008 Clinical Practice 2
  • MASG2009 Outreach 1
  • MASG3006 Clinical Practice 3
  • MASG3007 Outreach 2
  • MASG3010 Outreach 3
  • MASG3011 Clinical Practice 4
  • BIOL1037 Anatomy and Physiology for Massage Therapy 1
  • BIOL1038 Anatomy and Physiology for Massage Therapy 2
  • BIOL2017 Pathology 1
  • BIOL2018 Pathology 2
  • BUSI3011 Business Principles for Massage Therapy
  • MASG1008 Professionalism in Massage Therapy 1
  • MASG1009 Massage Theory 1
  • MASG1010 Practice Consolidation 1
  • MASG1011 Massage Theory 2
  • MASG1012 Practice Consolidation 2
  • MASG1013 Professionalism in Massage Therapy 2
  • MASG2010 Massage Theory 3
  • MASG2011 Practice Consolidataion 3
  • MASG2012 Clinical Assessment 1
  • MASG2013 Massage Theory 4
  • MASG2014 Practice Consolidation 4
  • MASG2015 Clinical Assessment 2
  • MASG3012 Massage Theory 5
  • MASG3013 Professionalism in Massage Therapy 3
  • MASG3014 Practice Consolidation 5
  • MASG3015 Massage Therapy Practicum
  • MASG3009 Massage Practice Consolidation
  • MASG1014 Clinical Anatomy 1
  • MASG2016 Clinical Anatomy 2

Communications Courses

To be selected at time of registration from the College list, as determined by testing.

General Education Courses

To be selected from College list