Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Program Code

Program requirements

  • 2 Mandatory Courses (determined by CPA testing)
  • 4 Optional Courses

Program Description

This certificate is available to all students who want to improve their effectiveness as writers in business, government or industry. Clear communication with external and internal audiences contributes to the success of small and large organizations, non-profit agencies and government institutions. Courses will emphasize critical, analytical and strategic communications skills needed to be successful. Certificate completion requires six courses, two mandatory and four optional.

Program course requirements
Course Title Course Code Equivalents Mandatory
Abnormal Psychology GNED2035 GNED1067 - Abnormal Psychology (ODE)
Aboriginal People/Victim (ODE) VICT1004  
Adapted Recreation in TR TREC1004  
Adapting Play / Learning Strat ECED2027  
Addictions and Mental Health ADCT1019  
Addictions Consolidation ADCT1021  
Administration and Governance ECED2012 ECED2020 - Supervison/Adminstration (ODE)  
Adolescent Development CYWK1005  
Advanced Investigation PFPR2035 PFPR2038 - Investig. and Evidence (ODE)  
Annual Giving:Principles/Proc FUND1003  
Articulation/Phonology CODA1000  
Assessment Processes TREC1002  
Assessment/Intervention (ODE) VICT1010  
Aug and Alt Comm CODA1004  
Behavioral and Family Supports DEVS2019  
Behavioural Skill Bldg (ODE) BESC1010  
Best Practices in EI ECED2021  
Biological Sciences in TR TREC1014  
Canadian Criminal Justice POLC1002  
Career Entry Preparation PFPR2033  
Case Management SSWK1006  
Case Management LAWS2019  
Case Management CYWK2003  
Child Development CYWK1001 ECED1022 - Child Development 1 (ODE)
Child Development: 0-6 years ECED1012 ECED1022 - Child Development 1 (ODE)
Childhood Victimization (ODE) VICT1007  
Children's Health / Wellness ECED1025  
Clinical Apps of Motivat Couns ADCT1012  
Community and Social Services CYWK2002 PFPR1026 - Community/Social Serv. (ODE)  
Community Development SSWK2006  
Community Development CYWK3001  
Community Policing PFPR2036 PFPR2017 - Community Policing 1 (ODE)  
Computer and Network Security COMP2097  
Concepts of Chem Dependency ADCT1015  
Consolidating Techniques SSWK2007  
Contemp Issues in Criminology POLC3000  
Contemp Social Movements POLC4007  
Co-op and Career Preparation CPHR0001  
Criminal Law: Adv POLC2005  
Criminology PFPR1010 PFPR1028 - Criminology (ODE)  
Crisis Intervention CJSR2000 PFPR2020 - Conflict Management (ODE)
Day/Community Placement DEVS2020  
Dev Serv: Issues and Trends DEVS2017  
Diversity and Multiculturalism CYWK2004 DVIR1004 - Diversity/First Nations (ODE)
Diversity/Multiculturalism SSWK2000 DVIR1004 - Diversity/First Nations (ODE)
Diversity/Vict Assist (ODE) VICT1008  
Doc Prep/Pres Police POLC3005  
Donor Relations / Stewardship FUND1017  
Dual Diagnosis DEVS2016 DEVS2007 - Dual Diagnosis
DEVS2026 - Dual Diagnosis (ODE)  
Dual Diagnosis (ODE) DEVS2026  
Emergency Management LAWS2021  
Ergonomics and Wellness POLC4002  
Ethic/Professionalism/Wellness SSWK2005 ETHS1000 - Ethics/Professionalism (ODE)
PFPR2015 - Princ of Ethical Reason (ODE)
Ethics and Advocacy for ECE ECED2025  
Ethics and Professionalism CYWK2001  
Ethics In Policing POLC4000  
Ethics/Professionalism (ODE) ETHS1000  
Experiences in Language Arts ECED1013  
Facilitative Techniques TREC1010  
Family Sociology GNED2021  
Family Sociology for SSW SSWK1002  
Family Systems CYWK2006 CHMH1003 - Family / Psych Disorders(ODE)
Field Placement 1 BESC1004  
Field Placement 2 BESC1009  
Field Placement 3 -Agency/Comm CYWK3012  
Field Placement Prep PSIN PSIN2000  
Field Placement PSIN PSIN2003  
Field Placement Seminar 1 ECED1031  
Field Placement Seminar 1 SSWK2009  
Field Placement Seminar 2 ECED2023  
Field Placement Seminar 2 SSWK2010  
Field Placement Seminar 3 ECED2028  
Field Placement Seminar 3 CYWK3017  
Field Placement Seminar PSIN PSIN2002  
Field Placement Unique 2 CYWK3019  
Field Placement: Unique ECED2029  
Fit 4 FITN2007  
FITCO Test JUST0059  
Fld Plcmnt 1-Educat/Community CYWK2012  
Fld Plcmt 2-Educat/Community CYWK2015  
Forensic Crime Scene Investig. PFPR2032  
Forensic Science POLC3003  
Foundations in ECE ECED1018  
Foundations of Interviewing POLC3002  
Foundations of TR TREC1003  
FP: Early Learning 1 ECED1032  
FP: Early Learning 2 ECED2024  
Fundamental Concepts:Crim Law POLC1004  
Gambling and Other Behav.Dep. ADCT1020  
Gender Consid in Treatment ADCT1016  
Gerontology in Dev Services DEVS2018 DEVS2002 - Gerontology
DEVS2023 - Gerontology (ODE)
Grant and Proposal Writing FUND1005  
Group Counselling:Dynam/Proc ADCT1001  
Health Skills HLTH2000  
Holistic Health and Wellness CYWK3014 CYWK3021 - Stress/Wellness/Nutrition(ODE)  
Human Dev Across the Lifespan SSWK1000 PSYL1010 - Developmental Psychology (ODE)
Human Kinetics for Policing POLC1005  
Human Res Mgmt in Policing POLC4005  
Incident Command POLC4003  
Interactive Lab 3 CYWK3010 PSYL1019 - Behav Mgmt/Intervention (ODE)
Interpersonal Communications POLC1001  
Interpersonal Skills HUMN2004  
Intervention Strategies DEVS2001 DEVS2024 - Facilitative Techniques (ODE)
Intro and Issues in Addictions ADCT1014  
Intro to ASD (ODE) BESC1001  
Intro To Aud & Ampl Systems CODA1001  
Intro to Counselling: Motivate ADCT1000  
Intro to CYC CYWK1007  
Intro to Security Skills LAWS1005  
Intro to SSW SSWK1001  
Intro to Stats/Research Method STAT2005  
Intro/Comm Disorders in Adults CODA1006  
Introduction to ABA (ODE) BESC1000  
Introduction to Police Studies POLC1000  
Introduction to Policing PFPR1022  
Introduction To Psychology PSYL1001  
Introduction to Psychology 1 PSYC1000  
Introduction to Psychology 2 PSYL1002  
Introduction to Psychology 2 PSYC1001  
Introduction to Sociology SOCI1000  
Introduction to Sociology SOCL1000  
Introduction to Sociology 2 SOCL1001  
Introduction to The Profession CODA1003  
Investigation and Evidence POLC3006  
Investigative Processes LAWS2026  
Issues and Trends TREC1008  
Lab 4 CYWK3015  
Lab 5 CYWK3016  
Language Disorders In Children CODA1002  
Leisure Education TREC1007  
Lifespan Development HUMN1012  
Major Gifts-Capital Campaigns FUND1018  
Marketing and PR FUND1009  
Math, Science and Creative Art ECED1021  
Medications in CYW CYWK3011 DEVS1004 - Drug Class. and Body Sys
HLTH3002 - Intro to Pharmacology (ODE)
Mental Health Issues POLC2007  
Mental Health Issues CYWK2010 GNED1067 - Abnormal Psychology (ODE)
CHMH1000 - Psy Disord:Infant/Ch/Adol(ODE)  
Municipal Law Enforcement LAWS2027  
Music and Movement ECED1030  
Nature of Disabilities in TR TREC1015  
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention COMS0015  
Nurturing Infants and Toddlers ECED1014  
Observation and Documentation ECED1029  
Organizational Leadership: TR TREC1009  
P.R.E.P. JUST0008  
Parent/Staff Training (ODE) BESC1006  
Partnerships with Families ECED2014 ECED2019 - Working with Parents (ODE)  
Personal/Professional Wellness ECED2026  
Philanthropy in Society FUND1015  
Physical Training for Policing FITN2006  
Planned Giving FUND1011  
Planning for Fundraising FUND1016  
Pol.Studies Adv Perspectives POLC2000  
Police Powers PFPR2030  
Police Powers 2 PFPR2034  
Police Powers in Canada POLC2003  
Police Studies Work Term 1 COOP1018  
Police Studies Work Term 2 COOP2015  
Political Science SOSC2003  
Practitioner Skills Developmnt ADCT1005  
Prep for Field Placement ECED1027  
Preparing for Your Career CYWK3018  
Prevention and Education ADCT1017  
Princ. of Helping Relationship SSWK1003 DEVS2003 - Supportive Counselling  
Principles in Traffic Law POLC3004  
Private Investigations PSIN2001  
Prof Standards in Policing POLC4001  
Professional Practice FUND1006  
Prospect Research FUND1010  
Provincial Offences POLC2006  
Provincial Statutes PFPR2008 PFPR2022 - Provincial Offences (ODE)  
Public And Media Relations POLC4004  
Research In TR TREC1011  
Research Methods for Policing POLC2002  
Residential Placement DEVS2021  
Responding to Child Care Trend ECED2022  
RT with Selected Populations TREC1005  
Rules of Evidence POLC3001  
School Age Dev't/Programming ECED1028  
Security Applications 1 LAWS2022  
Security Applications 2 LAWS2038  
Selected Populations ADCT1018  
Sex, Drugs, and Youth Culture CYWK2009  
Social Psychology GNED2016 GNED2082 - Social Psychology (ODE)  
Social/Emotional Health/Behav ECED2011  
Sociology for Policing POLC1007  
Special. Instruct. Strat (ODE) BESC1002  
Studies in Popular Culture HUMA3001  
Supporting Preschool Children ECED1026  
Supportive Counselling DEVS2015 DEVS2003 - Supportive Counselling
Technology for Fundraising FUND1014  
Therapeutic Programming CYWK1009  
Therapeutic Relationships: RT TREC1012  
Traffic Management PFPR2031 PFPR2024 - Traffic Management (ODE)  
Transition Plan/Implent (ODE) BESC1007  
Trauma and Abuse CYWK3013 CHMH1001 - Cognitive Dev,Trauma,Loss(ODE)
CYWK3022 - Victimization (ODE)  
Treating Challeng Behav (ODE) BESC1008  
Treatment Modalities ADCT1002  
Use of Force Applications CJSR2003  
Vic Assistance Services (ODE) VICT1011  
Victimization and Law (ODE) VICT1002  
Victimology POLC4012  
Victimology Prof Pract (ODE) VICT1009  
Victimology Theory (ODE) VICT1000  
Victims and the Media (ODE) VICT1005  
Victims of Crimes (ODE) VICT1001  
Violence Against Men (ODE) VICT1006  
Violence Against Women (ODE) VICT1003  
Volunteer Management FUND1008  
Working w/Families/Teams (ODE) BESC1003  
Youth In Conflict With The Law PFPR2004 PFPR2018 - Youth in Conflict (ODE)

Additional Info

If students achieve the required CPA scores, they may choose Communication Essentials or Work Environment Communication plus Dynamic Presentations. If students choose not to complete the CPA or do not achieve the required CPA scores, they must take Communication Essentials plus Dynamic Presentations.