Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer

Program Code
Ontario College Diploma, Co-op

Program requirements

  • 18 Mandatory Courses
  • 2 Communications Courses
  • 1 Optional Courses
  • 3 General Education Courses
  • 2 Co-op Work Terms

Program Description

In this program, students focus on computer programming, web development, and designing data-driven systems. Students learn how to write code in a variety of programming languages such as Arduino, ASP.NET, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP and Swift. Students gain experience developing software for diverse platforms including embedded systems, desktop, mobile and mainframe systems. With a strong emphasis on business and entrepreneurial values, students gain experience in problem solving, troubleshooting and system building through a series of applied assignments, projects and co-op work terms.

Program course requirements
Course Title Course Code Equivalents Mandatory
Adv Object Oriented Prog-Java COMP1011 COMP1069 - Java Intermediate (ODE)   Mandatory
Advanced Databases COMP3002 COMP3030 - Database Development (ODE)   Mandatory
Client-Side JavaScript COMP1073   Mandatory
Computer Prg Work Term 1 COOP1005  
Computer Prg Work Term 2 COOP2002  
Computer Prg. Work Term 3 COOP3001  
Co-op and Career Preparation CPHR0001  
Enterprise Computing COMP2007 COMP2065 - Java Advanced (ODE)
COMP2094 - Java Advanced (ODE)
Environmental Concerns GNED1000  
Financial Accounting 1 (ODE) ACCT1011  
Financial Accounting 2 (ODE) ACCT1012  
HTML, CSS, JavaScript Fundamtl COMP1002   Mandatory
Human Behaviour/Workplace GNED1005 GNED1063 - Human Behav/Workplace(ODE)
Internet of Things - Arduino COMP1045   Mandatory
Intro Obj Oriented Prog-Java COMP1008 COMP1043 - Java Introduction (ODE)   Mandatory
Intro to Entrepreneurship ENTR1002 ENTR1005 - Entrepreneurship (ODE)
BUSI1014 - Entrepreneurship (ODE)
Intro to Web Prog using PHP COMP1006   Mandatory
Introduction to Org. Behaviour BUSI1001  
Linux System Administration COMP2018  
Math for the Computer Industry MATH1003   Mandatory
Networking Essentials COMP1035   Mandatory
Programming Fundamentals COMP1030   Mandatory
Project Management MGMT2002 MGMT2019 - Intro to Project Mgmt (ODE)
Project Management for IT MGMT2008 MGMT2019 - Intro to Project Mgmt (ODE)
Rapid Application Development COMP1004  
Relational Database COMP2003   Mandatory
Server-Side Scripting -ASP.NET COMP2084   Mandatory
Windows Network Administration COMP2020  

Additional Info

To be successful in this program, students are required to have a personal notebook computer (either PC or Mac architecture) prior to the start of the program that meets or exceeds the following hardware specifications:

  • Intel I5 processor or AMD equivalent
  • 8GB of memory
  • 250GB hard drive

Additional operating systems, tools, and software used in the program are provided to the student upon commencement of the program.