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Program description

Reflexology is a natural healing method based on the premise that there are reflex points in the head, ears, hands and feet that correspond to every organ and gland in the body. Utilizing hand and finger techniques, reflexology releases tension, and helps normalize body functions by releasing toxins.

Content includes the theory and history of reflexology, biomechanics of the foot and foot assessment techniques, session documentation, anatomy and physiology of body systems, working specific conditions, warm-up techniques, the foot routine, and business and financial information.

NOTE: Bring two hand towels, a blanket, two large pillows, witch hazel or hydrogen peroxide, cotton balls or pads and pencil crayons. Please have short finger/toenails.

Reflexology certification requirements

35-hour in-class
25 hours of independent study
60 practice treatment sessions with documentation - 120 hours
Written exam and practical exam - 3.5 hours
Six month review of case histories - 3 hours
One year to complete all components
186.5 hours in total

Program course requirements
Course Title Course Code Equivalents Mandatory