What is Georgian College ONEcard?

Outage Notification

Friday February 16 at 4pm until Wednesday February 21 at 8am

Manage your account and Add money to a ONEcard will not be available.  Pay at the bank is still available.  Purchases with ONEcard are still available.

ONEcard is the official Georgian identification card. Features extend far beyond a simple ID – it’s your student card, library card, athletic centre card, and now a convenient payment for select vendors on-campus and off-campus – all in one!

  • your student card is your ONEcard
  • use ONEcard at participating locations to purchase food and beverages and make purchases at Georgian Stores
  • students or supporters can add funds and track spending 24/7 from anywhere around the world
    • no transaction or monthly fees
    • if a card is lost or stolen, students can deactivate their card at any time to protect their balance
  • ONEcard offers the opportunity to help students plan and budget spending and keeps track of all their spending from textbooks and coffee, to lunches and snacks
  • avoid carrying bulky cash and coins, and leave your credit cards at home – just swipe and go!
  • add additional money to your account as you go – online or at most major banks

Your ONEcard has a flex dollar account which operates on a declining balance system. Every time a purchase is made, the amount is subtracted from your balance, which you can easily track.

Supporter/parent/guardian information

Easily add funds to a ONEcard account by logging into our secure online payment system and clicking ONEcard deposit.

You will require the student’s student number and date of birth to load funds. Family or friends may add funds, but will not have access to financial statements, card balances or transaction history.

**NEW** Load money with online banking or at the bank.   Simply search for “Georgian College” and select the ONEcard line as a payee.  The account number is the student’s 9 digit student number.  NOTE if you load extra money to residence or tuition it will not go to the ONEcard account, it will over pay those areas.  Available at most major banks.

ONEcard cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco products, prepaid credit/gift cards, postal services or lottery tickets. Cash withdrawals are not permitted.

Add money to a ONEcard