Indigenous Services

Indigenous Resource Centres

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Indigenous Resource Centres are located at the Barrie, Midland, Owen Sound and Orillia campuses. They provide students with a culturally supportive and comfortable environment where they can study, socialize, and access a wide range of resources. Our friendly staff are here to support you, whether academically, personally or spiritually.

The resource centres are home to the visiting Elder and Niwijiagan peer mentor programs, Getsijig (Indigenous education counsellor) and Indigenous student advisors. Feasts, potlucks, cultural teachings, craft nights, study and lounge areas, and computers are just a few of the benefits provided through the resource centres. Come and see why students call our centres their home-away-from-home!

For more information about the services provided through the resource centres, please contact Sandi Pallister-Gougeon at 705.728.1968, ext. 1318 or email

Visiting Elder program

The Visiting Elders are a vital part of the Indigenous Community at Georgian. They provide holistic and spiritual guidance, traditional teachings, or a good laugh in times of stress.

On campus two days a week, Elders can be found participating in the Indigenous Studies programs, as well as social gatherings and feasts, and around the centre!

Niwijiagan (peer mentors)

Students in the Niwijiagan peer mentor program will show you the ropes! These friendly students know both their programs and the college. Whether it’s finding a classroom or providing advice on assignments, the Niwijiagans are here for you.

Getsijig (Indigenous education counsellor)

Whatever challenges you’re facing, whether personal, academic, social or career-oriented, the Getsijig is a trustworthy confidant who can provide you with support and help maintain balance in your life. The Getsijig can also act as a liaison between students, Georgian staff and your home communities

Indigenous Studies Check out our programs

Indigenous student form Self-identify as First Nations, Métis, Inuit or non-status

13th Annual Georgian College Traditional Pow Wow Join us on March 10, 2018

What is available at each campus centre?

Barrie Campus

  • Getisijig (Native education counsellor)
  • Visiting elders
  • Niwijiagan (peer mentor support)
  • Community liaison education officer

Midland Campus

  • Indigenous student advisor
  • Visiting elders
  • Niwijiagan (peer mentor support)

Owen Sound Campus

  • Indigenous student advisor
  • Visiting elders
  • Niwijiagan (peer mentor support)

Orillia Campus

  • Indigenous student advisor
  • Visiting elders
  • Niwijiagan (peer mentor support)

Indigenous student advisor

The Indigenous student advisor provides support and guidance and may refer students to college and community resources for further support. The student advisor also delivers student retention and success programs and is a liaison between the college community and the Métis, Inuit and First Nations communities.

Community liaison

Not sure what you want to do and need some guidance? The community liaison is knowledgeable on all things Georgian College and is available to help you choose a program that’s right for you. The community liaison can help you with the application process; assist with funding connections, including scholarships, bursaries and band funding; and provide a campus tour.

For more information about programs offered through Indigenous Studies or any programs offered at Georgian College, please contact April Jones at 705.728.1968, ext. 1317 or

Special events and promotions

Indigenous Studies co-ordinates college-wide events that promote and increase awareness of Indigenous cultures and perspectives, including the Indigenous Authors Festival, Louis Riel Day, student craft nights and the annual Georgian College Pow Wow, a one-day celebration held every March, organized and run by Georgian staff and students.

Anishnaabe Education and Training Circle

AETC logo - medicine wheel with a symbol in each quadrant.

The Anishnaabe Education and Training Circle (AETC) is a community advisory committee that has undertaken a number of initiatives in partnership with Georgian College since its formation in 1992. The overall goal of the partnership focuses on increasing the attraction, retention and graduation of students of Indigenous ancestry (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) in the postsecondary environment.

The AETC is a co-operative initiative among regional Indigenous communities and organizations in the Georgian College catchment area. The membership currently includes:

For more information about the AETC, please contact Greg McGregor, Manager, Indigenous Services, by email or call 705.728.1968, ext. 1376.

AETC Terms of Reference